Saturday, October 4, 2014

Starz Boo

Hey Everyone!! 

Welcome to the Jacksonville Starz Halloween Blog Hop! I am so glad you are joining us today and hopping along our blog with us. For this month I decided to do something different besides a card. I love Halloween! It's probably my most favorite holiday to decorate beside Christmas. The focal point in my house is my mantle. So I decided to make some Halloween blocks. This meant a trip to Home Depot first. I bought a 4x4 wood post and the nice guy cut it into 10 blocks for me. I had him cut them to 4x4 blocks. (I am saving the other blocks for Christmas). 

I sanded each side of the blocks to make them smooth. I then painted them with black paint. I let them dry for a little bit. While they dried I cut my paper to size. The faces and tops of the blocks are 3 3/4 x3 3/4 and the sides are 3 1/4 x 3 1/4. I only had to use two sheets of DSP and I still had some left over. I decided to use Witches Brew because it goes better with the decor of my house. Witches Brew is still on sale in the clearance section…it's a steal at $4.39. 

To apply the paper you need mod podge. Take a paint brush (use a cheap one) and apply a thin layer of mod podge on one side of the block. Next take your DSP and apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back of the paper and press it against the block. Then brush a thin layer of mod podge over the entire paper and the side of the block. You will see a thin white film of mod podge. That's ok because it will dry clear. Repeat until you have all the sides covered. 

The rosettes are made with the Rosettes Designer Bigz XL Die. I cut my paper to 1 1/2 inches by 11 to make my rosettes smaller. The stamp set is the Bite Met Photopolymer Stamp Set. This is my absolute favorite halloween set. 

The spider web is amazing and so large. I cut the mini spider out by hand and the orange splatter is also from the bite me set. The little black dots are from the gorgeous grunge set.  


Well I hope you enjoyed my project. I had fun making it and sharing it with you guys. Please visit my online store at I hope you decide to become of follower of my blog. I will be making a Halloween banner and posting pics of my mantle once it's complete! Now hop along now and check out my friend Maria's blog! She is amazingly creative and nice! 
                                                                     Maria Willis

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Happy Crafting!! 


  1. Those blocks look so cute with the skeletons standing on them. Like little Halloween trophies. Love your project!

  2. This is awesome Priscilla!! I love the blocks and I can't wait to see what you do with some for Christmas or your halloween mantle!! :)

  3. Way cute Priscilla!! I want to do some blocks now!!